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« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on October 08, 2017, 10:03:30 PM »

One week ago the United States Supreme Court released over 75 cases that it denied to review.  One of them was my filing that included blatant Constitutional violations.  By allowing my case to stand, the Supreme Court allowed and supported the 11th Circuit, as it relates to waiver of a right, to merge the right to be present at trial with the right to counsel, therefore, allowing a defendant that was forced to be absent from trial to be tried and convicted with out an attorney.  In denying review the court also supported the government's use of my forced absence from trial as an "admission of guilt" instruction to the jury.  In other words, the United States Supreme Court allowed the 11th Circuit to try and convict a person without a defense or an attorney present.    If you think that is absurd, wait until you gain a complete understanding of what happened in this trial.

In my post, to date, I have provided you with a timeline of events supported by the actual documents in a PDF format.  Daily, I will now walk you through my trial transcript, line by line, and together we will review the testimony and perjury of government witnesses.  I will show you how a United States Attorney General manipulate's truth to a jury to indict an innocent man.  No, i do not want to be in a federal prison, but if through my torture we can change the corruption within the 11th district Department of Justice, it will have been time well served.   

Thank you for walking this path with me
Rufus Paul Harris
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« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on September 06, 2017, 08:25:56 PM »

For you, Blue Eyes

Love you much,

Rufus Paul Harris
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« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on August 31, 2017, 04:59:52 PM »

Have you noticed how things (all of a sudden) are changing?  It looks like the pendulum has finally shifted in the other direction.  Mr. President…please remember that these people cannot be trusted, so keep your foot on their pockets (WTA).  It is the only thing that they understand. 

With the effects of the Hurricane Harvey disaster, we are really going to need the new tax reduction (for the people who actually work), a stoppage of the massive insurance premiums (on the people who actually work), and the infrastructure rebuilding plan.  We need these things as soon as possible.   President Obama had no problem committing over 9 trillion in U.S. Debt.  Do you hear anyone talk about it today?   No, it is not an area that you need to worry about as their BS comments will be forgotten in a few months.


Rufus Paul Harris
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« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on August 17, 2017, 09:17:48 AM »

Breaking CNN Headline

We have figured out why everything we report about on CNN is fake news.  We found a DeLorean time-machine in Trumps garage and every time we report something accurately, he goes back in time and changes the events.  Therein, all fake news that we report is Trumps fault.

A little reality-humor for this afternoon.  I hope all is well with you and yours everyone.  Keep your prayers coming concerning the September 25th Supreme Court Conference.


Rufus Paul Harris
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« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on August 11, 2017, 09:32:42 PM »


As President of the United States, Bill Clinton appointed Timothy Geithner as ambassador to the World Trade Organization.  As Ambassador, Mr. Geithner would modify the World Trade Agreements so the United States bankers could use derivatives as payment for foreign goods.  Prior to this action, only cold hard cash could be used.  Why did he do this?   Because at the time, the United States Bankers had over 500 trillion in derivatives in an "off-balance sheet" status.

Yes I know, $500 trillion sounds crazy…our GDP many times over.  Well, you would be shocked to know that today the number is over 1 quadrillion.   Hear what I am telling you; the major banks in the United States have an "off-balance sheet" exposure greater than the US Gross National Product, many times over.  An accounting impossibility and the very reason US banks are not BASIL III (World Banking Regulations) compliant.  This is a product of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), which allows the U.S. publicly traded banks to have an "off-balance sheet".  By all definitions of the event, it is fraud on the investors.  President Obama would throw more dirt on the democrat's cover-up when he walked through legislation that would result in the Federal Reserve purchasing (on behalf of the U.S. taxpayers) the toxic instruments as they collapsed and placed the banks at risk.  Thus, he saved the very banks that created the fraudulent-toxic instruments.  Just Google "4.5 trillion Federal Reserve" and I am sure you will find many articles that tell you about the derivatives they have purchased.

President peel the onion per say, have someone inspect each individual prospectus behind the derivatives.  You will find that the same assets were used many times over.  An example of this action can be found in somewhat recent events when many home owners were being foreclosed upon by banks that did not own their homes.  Their mortgages were used in a prospectus that was duplicated in order to create many derivatives.  The derivatives would then be used as payments between banks.  Eventually, the banks created so many fraudulent instruments that they lost track.

And yet I am sitting in a Federal Prison for a pump and dump of a publicly traded company and I have never even opened a brokerage account.  Yes, you read that correctly.

I have never bought or sold a publicly traded stock in my life. 


Rufus Paul Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on August 06, 2017, 08:26:15 AM »

My President Trump, how about reaching down and grabbing the hill by the ..... !   Have the Secret Service start an investigation into the trillions in "off-balance sheet" derivatives for the financial institutions.  Isn't currency counterfeiting under the Secret Service's authority.  Remember, not my President Clinton had Timothy Geitner change the World Trade Agreement to force the world banks to accept the trillions in "off-balance sheet" derivatives as a form of payment for goods, therefore, they are considered as a currency.   In other words, have their own banks beat them into submission for you.  Reach into their pockets, per say.

You have a great day Sir and remember I am only looking for one honest person in the form of a Supreme Court Justice and maybe a pardon if necessary.  ;)  Want a little inside on my case, ask the Secret Service for a report on the raid of Craig Cason's office in Atlanta, Georgia.  That river runs deep.

Rufus Paul Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on July 31, 2017, 07:46:34 PM »

To my loving wife...

Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes!

Your Hubby
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on July 18, 2017, 09:29:25 AM »

A Texas - Furia Organization - Pearly - Alexander connection can be found in a BOP guard by the name of Sharp.  Sharp was a prison guard at Texarkana Prison who committed suicide a few years back.  He was the Correctional Officer (CO) over F Unit for a large amount of the time I was there.  Sharp's North-East Texas ranch was a distribution point for the Cartel.  A sting operation would take down multiple individuals up to and including female guards who were having sex with inmates.  Interestingly, network news would give the story no coverage.

A scratch on the surface, this was.  Remember, several tractor trailers that were on the books of "The Furia Organization", also known as "Fronthaul" would disappear immediately after they perpetrated the fraudulent merger on our private company.  If an Inspector General was to subpoena all of the internal records (Emails, phone, ect....) between "the FINRA individual" who testified for the 11th District in my case and Don Madallin's Stock Transfer company, it would be end game.  The Furia Organization's SEC filings would be a great place to start when looking for a trail of missing assets.

Each of the brokerage firms and Texas - Oklahoma individuals that profited from the "Furia Organization" fraudulent merger would lead to a 'massive dirty bomb' of information and illegal funds.

GODBLESS and GODSPEED to you and yours

Rufus Harris

One layer at a time
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on July 05, 2017, 06:46:28 PM »
The Cover Up

July 4th, the anniversary day where we celebrate our independence from a corrupt tyrannical force that would impose its will upon us for personal gain.  Until you have been ripped from your family and confined in a concrete prison with 1,400 mental patients, you do not truly understand the importance of this anniversary.

Up until I witnessed the presentation of known perjury at trial, I had no worries about the claims against me.  You see, the 11th district would have to ignore very important key facts to make a case.  I truly did not believe the government, that I would celebrate each year on this day, would do such a thing.  As you know, I was wrong.

A Very Important, Undeniable, Fact

My company, Conversion Solutions Inc, was a private company.  Our stock did not trade on an exchange.  Even through a merger, for our stock to become publicly tradable in the NASDAQ system, it would have to be registered through one of the most complicated and lengthy government registration and approval processes in the world.  As detailed in the Acquisition-Merger Agreement and as summarized in my Motion to Vacate, Ground One Supporting Fact Twenty, an S-4 registration document was to be filed with the Securities Exchange Commission to start this lengthy process.  It was impossible for our private stock to become tradable, otherwise.  At trial, the 11th district would knowingly present to the jury an erroneous scenario, through perjury, where only a single email would cause the stock to become tradable.

The answers to the following questions will lead you to the unapparent connections.

If a very lengthy government registration and approval process was required for the Conversion Solutions Inc private stock to become tradable, who within the FINRA/NASDAQ system worked with Don Maddalon to circumvent the registration process to cover-up the Illegal Fronthaul trading activity?

The FINRA/NASDAQ trading records provides us with the fact that Dave Pearly, alone, made over 11 million in less than a month illegally dumping his shares immediately after the announcement of the merger plan. As a well oiled machine, individuals and stock trading desk around the country made multiple millions in record time.  How many times has Don Maddalon, his associates and his connections in FINRA/NASDAQ circumvented the process to enrich theirselves?

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Anissa on July 03, 2017, 09:41:12 PM »
To my husband...I love you
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