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The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Anissa on May 22, 2018, 06:54:11 PM »
To my loving Husband;

You hang in there and just know that until you are home I'll just keep calling you name.

The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 22, 2018, 05:57:29 PM »
5.22.2018, Tuesday

To my loving wife. 

One day the truth will get out and I will be home. 

Until then, I'll just keep swimming in this heck that some call a Paradise.

Hang in there Blue Eyes, I love and miss you much, tell the kids the same.

Your Hubby,

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 15, 2018, 04:14:33 PM »
5.15.2018, Tuesday

To obtain an understanding of 'The Deep State' and just how corrupt it truly is, you must listen to the 5.14.2018 podcasr of Dan Bongino on the Mark Levin show [].  You will learn how big the fight really is. 

Just review my post about Russians before you listen =>

Hang in there, people.  We are in his hands.
God Bless and Godspeed
Rufus Harris

The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 07, 2018, 12:40:08 PM »
5.7.2018, Monday

Mr. President Trump, it would be nice if you released the "Rosenstein Letter" where he recommended that you terminate FBI Director James Comey.  Let everyone see the truth.  #releasetheletter  #crookedcomey

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 04, 2018, 06:20:12 PM »
5.04.2018, Friday

Mr. President Trump,  as you know, you have to drive the narrative in the media.  Therefore, it would be nice if you Tweet (or read) the Ole Rosie letter to the American people.  It would also be nice if you would release the Attorney Generals Letter with similar content.

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 04, 2018, 12:00:14 PM »
5.04.2018, Friday

Mr. President Trump, I have walked through the furnace of heck with these corrupt DOJ individuals.  They do not play by the same set of rules that they hold you to.  Just look at how they use the media against you at every turn.  I know that when you listen to a FIRED Corrupt James Comey interview it spins your stomach as I have been there.  Trust you me, they are pure corruption and know no bounds.

Let’s step back and look at it from afar:

1) The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issues a letter recommending that you fire then FBI Director Jamey Comey.

2) You take AG Rosenstein's advice and fire FBI Director Comey.

3) The same Deputy Attorney General immediately turns around and appoints a special counsel to investigate "you" for obstructing justice because you actually fired the FBI Director.  WTH?

4) When Congress tries to investigate AG Rosenstein’s actions, he obstructs the congressional OVER-SITE investigation by refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena over Congress’s efforts to obtain documents about FBI surveillance during the election, intentionally stalling document production for congressional investigations into possible government misconduct and failing to enforce key laws and protocols.

Did you hear his snarky comments the other day?  Do you see how these people think?  They actually believe they are above the law.  The ole Judge Dred syndrome, "I am the Law".  I was forced to watch as the corrupt Federal Judge in my case would block evidence that would prove my innocence from being presented to the jury.  This individual obstructed the "nice, clear and true balance" required for a constitutional trial at every turn.  heck, when I was threatened by the FBI agent that gave perjured testimony to obtain my indictment, and was forced to leave the trial to protect my family, the judge dismissed my co-counsel and ended the trial without a proper defense. 

Sadly, it is how the system is currently designed.  Once they get their hands around your neck, they will do everything possible, up to and including corruption, in order to walk away with a win.

Stand-up for the American people and whoop this beast.  Fire ole Rosie, and get your executive branch in order.  We the people will deal with the media and their BS.

Your friend,

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on May 04, 2018, 11:59:32 AM »
5.03.2018, Thursday

Today, the Great state of Oklahoma took the first step needed to return to true Constitutional Rule.  They passed "Constitutional Carry".  You need to press anyone you may know in Oklahoma to immediately call GOV, Mary Fallin's office and press her to sign it into law.

Slowly but surely, American can return to Constitutional Rule step by step.

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on April 27, 2018, 04:53:04 PM »
4.27.2018, Friday

One of our main goals was a perpetual system with live information.  Once up and running, you would be able to see every single banking transaction and / or obligation online (live) on a company ledger linked to the actual Bank server.  This system would have taken all ‘cooking of the books’ off of the table for a company; and would have given investors real-time financials.

Another goal was a crypto ledger trading system that would have taken the illegal trading practices by Wall Street off of the table.  However, just after I signed an agreement to develop the new system, the threats started.  If you go back and review the subsidiaries, you will find that we also had a fix for the trillions in illegally issued mortgage derivatives by the US Banksters.  It would have been irresponsible to expose their fraud and not have a solution in hand.  These are just a few things that we had planned.  The biggest item was a new energy system that would have quickly changed the world as we know it. 

The following PDF, included herein, is the Provisional Patent of the device. The drawings are shown in a very simple format in order to help you easily achieve understanding of its operation.   You can learn more about the device at

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

In response to the ANON talking about Quantitative Easing (QE) and money printing, QE was a cover-up for the payments made to foreign governments for the hundreds of trillions in fraudulent derivatives the banksters sold them.  Let me give you some new perspective on things.  When you invest your money with a bank or brokerage firm, the institution places your funds in some type of investment program that will give you a return on your investment or your money is placed in a retirement program, correct?  If this is the truth, and it was YOUR MONEY that was lost in the 2006 market crash, why did the banks need to be bailed out?  They lost nothing, it was YOU that lost YOUR funds.   Now with that truth…who received the bail out money?  It was not you…the investor who actually lost your funds.   Simply put, the bail out was to pay for the illegal derivatives that the banksters sold to foreign investors.  QE was for the same purpose. 

Yes, we were the first to expose the hundreds of trillions in derivatives that were held in an off-ledger status by the publicly traded banks.  That is why a large Chinese firm pulled $500 billion (USD) out of the system in December of 2006, which was the beginning of the economic / market crash.   In 2007, the SEC would pass regulations that protected the illegal off-ledger activity. 

So if you truly understand this, then you understand that TODAY the SEC allows the banksters to hide internal trading obligations from its investors…better known as shareholders.  This also means that the quarterly reports filed with the SEC are fraudulent filings.

Ponder on that for a while...

Rufus Harris

The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on April 26, 2018, 08:30:13 PM »
4.26.2018, Thursday

Want to understand things a little better?  Work on the understanding as to why the Secret Service, in my case, had to raid the office of the 11th Districts Attorney Generals star witness, Craig Cason…and the reason the Secret Service did it without notifying any branch of local government in Georgia.  The Deep State runs deep in that corrupt state.  Old Cartel smuggling rout, I-75, right through the heart of Georgia.  The origin of the big money in the state and Bartow County.

The first reason that I withdrew to Georgia was the home field advantage.  Second, Atlanta is the headquarters of the SEC enforcement division.  We honestly thought that we could expose the fraudulent trading, file a federal lawsuit and all would be OK.  However, the Federal Court would reject the filing 5 times for technical merit.  At the time, we took it as the Federal Court covering for the SEC.  The filing was against NASDAQ and named all market makers, brokerage firms and banks that were dumping the stock.

After the events in the Federal court room during trial, I then understood just how corrupted things were.  The Federal Judge, at all cost, would protect the lies and fraud perpetrated by the AG's office.  He would prevent evidence from being presented to the jury that would have easily destroyed the government's case.  One such item was an email from the general counsel of Merrill Lynch.  It would have exposed perjured testimony by a key government witness.  That single event showed us just how corrupt the court was.  Then when the FBI agent threatened my family, it became clear that they were working together.

Again, I say, if you want to be enlightened, find the 8-K that I filed with the SEC which contained the press release where I cancelled all of the shares of the corrupt BBAN executives.  You see, Alana Black, in order to cover her tracks would take the BBAN filings down from public view. Therefore, only a serious individual can find it and have it emailed to me.  I can place it on [] for all to see and we will open the door.  The second item will be an S-8 that will lead you to the heart of Wall-Street.

Want something to play with?  Investigate Phoenix Air of Cartersville, Georgia and the daily Central American "FED-EX" contracts they have.  Yes, they also have a military contract but only have a few planes equipped for such sorties.  So, a Fed-Ex contract supports what was at one time the largest private Lear jet owner in the world.

Eyes Wide Shut,

Rufus Harris
The Rufus Paul Harris Story / Re: The Rufus Paul Harris Story
« Last post by Rufus Paul Harris on April 24, 2018, 07:55:13 PM »
4.24.2018, Tuesday

Well, what a strange day.  A blast from the past. 

Mr. Monty Mangum, when I manage to expose the crooks that put me in here, it sure sounds like you are going to have some explaining to do to your in-laws. 

Even the corrupt 11th District AG stated that the only funds I received was my salary.   Yes, that is the truth!   The rest of the claims are a massive cover-up of an illegal stock trading ring that involves billions in ill-gotten gains.  Maybe the Inspector General needs to look into the bank accounts of the 11th District employees involved on handling this case.

The Day will come, know this you corrupt a-holes.

Rufus Harris
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