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One week ago the United States Supreme Court released over 75 cases that it denied to review.  One of them was my filing that included blatant Constitutional violations.  By allowing my case to stand, the Supreme Court allowed and supported the 11th Circuit, as it relates to waiver of a right, to merge the right to be present at trial with the right to counsel, therefore, allowing a defendant that was forced to be absent from trial to be tried and convicted with out an attorney.  In denying review the court also supported the government's use of my forced absence from trial as an "admission of guilt" instruction to the jury.  In other words, the United States Supreme Court allowed the 11th Circuit to try and convict a person without a defense or an attorney present.    If you think that is absurd, wait until you gain a complete understanding of what happened in this trial.

In my post, to date, I have provided you with a timeline of events supported by the actual documents in a PDF format.  Daily, I will now walk you through my trial transcript, line by line, and together we will review the testimony and perjury of government witnesses.  I will show you how a United States Attorney General manipulate's truth to a jury to indict an innocent man.  No, i do not want to be in a federal prison, but if through my torture we can change the corruption within the 11th district Department of Justice, it will have been time well served.   

Thank you for walking this path with me
Rufus Paul Harris


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